About Me

Hi there! I’m a partner at Tremendousness and I’ve been making complicated things more understandable (and engaging) since 1999. I draw, illustrate, design, and craft stories. My genuine curiosity helps me learn a little (or a lot) about various industries. I find trial by fire is often the most effective way to learn.

I was a pretty smart (and fairly successful) bike racer; that experience taught me not to waste energy where it’s not needed. I do what’s appropriate for the given timeframe, budget and expectations. That doesn’t mean I’m not shooting for utter amazement, but it’s important to realize that sometimes done is better than perfect. I’m not afraid of failure as long as I’ve calculated the risk.

I’m casual, but can turn on the business, when necessary.
(I think) I’m witty and articulate. Often too competitive. Usually long-winded. I like spontaneity. I might have a short attention span, but this often serves me well in design. Another bike racing parallel: I don’t enter a race I can’t win or learn from; same goes for projects I take on.